The Scouts Network – About Us

Everyone has obviously heard about the Scouts movement, but what is the Scouts Network?

Once the regular Scouts time is over, many boys don’t want to stop, they want to continue to develop themselves and enjoy all the fun of the Scouting movement. What happens then? They go on a step further, to join the Scouts Network.

The Scouts Network is for 18-25 year olds, and throughout their time in the organization members will take part in a wide range of activities, with a broader scope of responsibility. For instance, a Scout Network member will have the freedom to organise the event themselves, under the leadership of their District Scout Network Commissioner. The Network itself has three areas:

  • Community
  • International
  • Adventure

Within these areas there are three themes:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Life skills

Network members are supported and encouraged to further develop themselves and their leadership skills through working with Scout members and outside agencies. Scout Network members are given more responsibility, whilst being supported in the background by senior Scout staff members.

Be Prepared

The Scout motto remains in the Network, as well as the official grey Scout’s flag. Members of the network as encouraged to uphold the Scout Law, wear their uniform whilst on duty, and to support younger Scout members to develop their own teamwork, leadership, and life skills.

A Scout Network member is a big responsibility, and many members go on to help out in large nationwide events, such as large-scale charity functions and so on. Underpinning the whole ethos of Scouting is the spirit of community and helping others, and Network members are expected to help develop younger members in this vein, to continue the Scouting name on well into the future, just as founder Baden-Powell would have wanted himself.