The Scout Promise

The Scout Network runs exactly the same Scout Promise as every other branch/version, and this is something which every Scout, either wannabe or member needs to understand, vow to uphold at all times, as well as always abiding by the Scout Law.

The Scout motto is, as everyone already knows, Be Prepared.

What does that mean?

Be Prepared means literally being prepared for anything, whilst always being ready to help and jump in to somebody’s aid.

On the other hand, the Scout Promise has variations. The main core promise is:

“On my honour, I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to god and to the Queen, to help other people, and to keep the Scout Law”

Scout Values

The whole point of the Scouts, whether the Network or the Cubs, the Beavers, or anything else, is to give support to young boys who want to develop themselves, through skills, personality, and allowing them to push forward to make a contribution to the community, which is positive.

The values themselves are:

  • Integrity – Scouts should be honest, loyal, and always trustworthy
  • Respect – Showing respect for other people, as well has displaying self-respect, is key
  • Care – A Scout should look after the environment, whilst caring for others and offering support
  • Belief – Exploration of personal beliefs, those of others, and attitudes and faiths
  • Co-operation – Scouts make friends easily, they are open minded, tolerant, and they work towards making a difference.

These values help to shape youngsters into well-rounded, highly sensitive and tolerant human beings, and this will enable them to make a major difference in society, the community, and within their own circle of friends and their own family. The Scout Network gives those who want to continue in the movement a chance to further push their values, and to develop organisational skills, with extra responsibilities.