The Scout Network Programme – Fun & Education as Standard

Many people have no idea what the Scout Programme is actually made up of, and they simply assume that it is an extension of the regular Scout way of life. In many ways, this is true, but the giant leap towards the Network is actually about pushing leadership skills to the fore and stretching boundaries.

Of course, this being the Scouts, there is a set programme which is followed, and this includes:

  • Adventure
  • International
  • Community

Each one is important, and has objectives and aims.


Members are encouraged to take part in adventurous activities, mainly in the Great Outdoors, which will help them develop their skills, find joy in the fresh air, and use skills that can really make a difference in local Scouting communities overall.


Perhaps one of the most important areas, the International pinpoint of the Scout Network programme. The International module is about developing a deeper understanding of issues that are affecting the planet, environmentally, and socially also. Members are encouraged to make a global difference, and also to develop open-mindedness and tolerance towards others, no matter what their background.


As the name would suggest, this is about making a difference on a more local scale. Members are encouraged to search for ways they can make positive changes which benefit the community as a whole, as well as building links and appreciation for the local area, its landscapes and people.

When a Scout member decides to stay on and move into the Scout Network, they work much more flexibly than they did before, because there is a recognition that at the age of 18, life will start to take centre stage, e.g. work and studying. Members are encouraged to pick the events and activities they are keen to take part in and get busy with the organisation and running side of things.