The Key Attributes of a Scout Network Member

A Scout member who has gone through the ranks, i.e. from Beavers to Cubs, Scouts to Explorers, and then wants to continue their Scouting journey into the realms of the Network, needs to possess several key personality attributes.

The youngster obviously won’t start out with these attributes, but they will be developed over time, and throughout the ranks, and working to the core challenges which the journey brings forward, these personality attributes will become second nature. The Scouts overall is well known for pressing the importance of leadership, individuality, helping others, respect, and overall benefit to the community to its members, but what key attributes does a Scout Network member have to possess?

  • The ability to think outside the box. When it comes to fundraising and organising events, members will need to show the initiative and gumption to put an idea together and run with it. There are many ways to do this, and fundraising with different types of ideas is something that will need to be done. For instance, fundraising through different means, such as using casinos and online sites could be a good way forward, such as Whilst the Scouts don’t advocate gambling per se, they do advocate ‘out there’ ways of thinking, by using current trends and hotspots to build up revenue for events and to help in the local community.
  • Leadership in a firm but gentle way. Leadership isn’t about bossing people around and shouting, and a Scout Network member will show the key attributes of leadership which guide and nurture younger members of the movement.
  • Social consciousness. Doing good deeds and thinking of others is a key part of the Scout way of thinking, and this is something which will be nurtured even more at this stage of a Scouting experience.
  • Organisational skills. This is perhaps the biggest one on the list, because more events will be organised in the Scout Network, than any other part. Being able to organise, run, and enjoy an event is key.

These attributes will certainly help a Scout become a top Network contributor.