The Advantages of Joining the Scout Network

When a Scout member turns 18, they have two choices – the can either leave and go on their merry way, taking with them all they have learnt, with many fantastic memories to boot, or they can continue their Scouting journey, and join the Scout Network instead.

It’s important to take this decision with plenty of importance placed upon it, because the ethos of everything the Scouts is about is a fantastic continuation of a journey, If a member decides to leave their Scouting history there, that doesn’t mean they can’t pick it up again at another given point in their future, before the age of 25. After the age of 25, there is the possibility of becoming a volunteer within the Scouting framework, because there is no upper age limit for this.

If a member decides to continue onto the Scout Network, they will certainly feel that they have taken a leap from the phase before. The Scout Network encourages members to become much more independent, and to further develop their leadership skills, through organising events and doing good deeds for the community, and society as a whole.

The major advantages of taking part in the Scout Network include:

  • Personal development continues, through a time when youngsters are really exploring who they are in terms of their identity
  • Leadership and organisational skills are really focused upon
  • Continued commitment to development looks fantastic on a work CV or resume, for further work opportunities
  • The chance to help mentor and develop younger Scout members, and become a role model
  • Organising events can lead to major fundraising opportunities, which is a big plus point for the community, and for self confidence growth too

How to Make The Decision

When a Scout turns 18 they have a decision to make. The decision needn’t be a very complicated one, but simply to ask themselves if they would miss the presence of the Scouting world in their lives.