Scout Network – How to Volunteer & Get Involved

Getting involved in the Scout Network covers countless different areas, which means there is a role for every single person. Whether outdoorsy, culinary, into DIY, or some other area, every skill contributes to the quality of the network and can be passed onto youngsters who are attempting to make a difference in society and in their own lives.

Skill Sets

As before, the particular skill of choice that a volunteer possess doesn’t particular have to fit into a box with a label on it, because the network are always on the look out for talented people in many different walks of life.

Time Needs

The great thing here is that there isn’t a set number of hours required to be a participant in the network, and that it is a very flexible kind of deal. Volunteers can opt to help out on an ad-hoc basis, just once, or on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Training is given to all new members and support is always on hand.

Age Restrictions

Adults aged 18 and over are all welcome as Scout Network volunteers, with no upper age cap either. Young leaders are also welcome, and this bracket is between 14-18 years.

What a Volunteer Will Learn

Just like a regular Scout member, a volunteer will learn all manner of interpersonal skills, as well as developing leadership and personal skills, as well as boosting overall confidence.

Those who want to join the Scout Network, or indeed any phase of the Scout movement, should contact their local group and enquire about openings. There are sure to be opportunities there, every group is always on the look out for new, exciting, and hungry to help individuals, and in return the rewards are fantastic. The ability to learn about yourself, whilst helping others, is truly an important part of the whole Scouts ethos.