Raising Cash For The Cause

Everyone knows the Scout’s motto – Be Prepared! There is much more to it than that however, as the Scout Law governs everything a Scout should aim to do during their time in the Scouts, and also whilst they are off living their normal every day life.

Part of this is about raising cash for the cause, fundraising through various events which bring focus to the work of the Scout Network, and also helping members to show leadership and initiative. Fundraising events can take any form, and it’s important to think outside of the box when trying to put together ideas. For instance, a few fundraising/money making schemes could include:

  • Raffle prize draws
  • Asking for donations at public events
  • Taking part in community events and running a competition, e.g. name the teddy bear, for instance
  • Selling craft items

These are just a few general ideas, but lateral thinking is often used, for instance, using the prevalence of online gambling/betting to raise cash, with sites such as 777 casino for example. It’s worth mentioning that the Scout Network doesn’t advocate gambling per se, so this is not something that an actual Scout member would be encouraged to do. The actual Scout Law is very moral indeed:

The Scout Law

  • A Scout should be trustworthy
  • Loyalty is vital in the personality of a Scout
  • Being friendly and always considerate is important
  • Every single Scout belongs to the Scout family across the world
  • Courage will always be a personality trait displayed by a Scout
  • Every Scout utilises time carefully, and is respectful of possessions and also of property
  • Self-respect, as well as respect for other people is highly important

There will always be examples of Scout fundraising at community events, and this is something which the general public are certainly encouraged to give generously to. The future generation of Scouts depends on kind generations, sure in the knowledge that any cash raised is put to very good use indeed.